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Anonymous asked: First name: Levi Nickname: BubbleButt Age: 25 Gender: mAN Sexual Orientation: Erwin Nationality: mini titan Relationship status: Erwin's boo Likes: febreze Dislikes: dirt Random fact: ass still hurts from last night

yup thats p much me

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Anonymous asked: can somebody explain why there are always strokes around their dick ???? like on the head and around the balls ? WHAT IS THAT EVEN FOR ?????

so they don’t get in trouble because there’s a law 

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Anonymous asked: Why did u draw a line with the carrot yaoi XD lol It's just funny to me like oh yea S&M and other kinky shit but hell no carrots. Like what draws that line of hot yaoi and that's fucking weird..

¿Um, I didn’t draw a line?

I’m just not into food play. It’s cool if you are, that’s great, have all the carrots you want. 

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